The Diccionario de Espiritualidad Ignaciana (DEI) arose from a sense that the Ignatian Concordance and the Diccionario histórico de la Compañía de Jesús did not quite fill the gap in the literature for a work that offered a synthesis of the principal elements in Ignatian spirituality, informed by specialist competence.
      The DEI is intended for readers with some knowledge of the Spiritual Exercises and who is interested enough to learn more about Ignatian spirituality. It is therefore neither simply a technical work for specialists, nor an introduction to the subject. The 160 contributors come from all five continents and are specialists in various fields: history, psychology, psychiatry, philology, philosophy, anthropology, education, biblical exegesis, liturgy, canon law, systematic theology, moral theology, spirituality). They are not all Jesuits; they include diocesan priests, women religious and laypeople. It has 369 articles, each of which has a bibliography, pointing readers to a total of around 3300 titles that will help them explore the themes more deeply.
      The DEI is currently in press, and its publication is promised for July 2006.


      The Grupo de Espiritualidad Ignaciana (GEI) brings together six Jesuit theologians from the Southern European Assistancy: Carlos Coupeau (LOY), Pascual Cebollada (CAS), José García de Castro (CAS), Javier Melloni (TAR), Diego Molina (BET) y Rossano Zas Friz (ITA).The group first met in August 2000, following an initiative from Fr General's then regional Assistant for Southern Europe, Elias Royón and the Father Provincial of Spain Isidro Gonzáles Modroño. Since that meeting, the members have served on the editorial board of Manresa, the Spanish journal of Ignatian spirituality. They have published various collections of essays in that journal, including Priesthood in the Society of Jesus, and a double collection on Ignatian Mysticism, one half of which was subtitled The Tradition of a Novelty and the other The Originality of a Tradition. It has also collectively edited the Dictionary of Ignatian Spirituality (DEI).

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