Copertina quinto numero speciale



First Meditation: The Path to Enter the Spiritual Life

Second Meditation: The Desire for Perfection

Third Meditation: Attitude for the Spiritual Exercises

Fourth Meditation: Seeking a Holy Grace

Fifth Meditation: Temple of God

Sixth Meditation: Human Nature – Who are we? –

Seventh Meditation: The Creator and Humans – Who is God? –

Eighth Meditation: The Meaning of Humanity

Ninth Meditation: Our Importance Before God

Tenth Meditation: The Purpose of Human Beings

Eleventh Meditation: Why Humans Exist? – Happiness, obedience and freedom –

Twelfth Meditation: How to Use Created Things

Thirteenth Meditation: Holy Mass

Fourteenth Meditation: Indifference (1)

Fifteenth Meditation: Indifference (2)

Sixteenth Meditation: What Achieves More (Magis)

Seventeenth Meditation: Path to Growth

Eighteenth Meditation: Happiness in Heaven

Nineteenth Meditation: The Lord’s Prayer

Twentieth Meditation: The Ideal and its Realization

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