PINO DI LUCCIO S.I., Introduzione

FRANCISCO RAMÍREZ FUEYO S.I., Los Ejercicios Espirituales como fuente inspiradora de la pedagogía ignaciana

The article delves into the influence of Spiritual Exercises in Ignatian pedagogy, examining its spiritual roots and personalized configuration. It highlights the connection between Ignatian spirituality and education, emphasizing the profound self-awareness and worldview experience within this tradition. Furthermore, it discusses the emergence of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the educational context, showcasing its remarkable progress. This technological advancement integrates into Ignatian pedagogy, emphasizing the importance of personal knowledge appropriation and comprehensive education involving all dimensions of individuals.

PAUL ROLPHY PINTO S.I., L’ispirazione trinitaria della pedagogia ignaziana

The article “The Trinitarian Inspiration of Ignatian Pedagogy” delves into the connection between Ignatius of Loyola’s Trinitarian vision and his pedagogy. Inspired by the Trinity, Ignatius developed a pedagogy to form individuals with and for others, profoundly influencing the educational apostolate of the Society of Jesus. His mystical experience on the Cardoner River provided insights into the Trinity, shaping his life and teachings. The Trinity became the central inspirational source of his pedagogy, deeply influencing his educational method and discernment of spirits.

JAMES E. GRUMMER S.I., The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus as a Resource for Ignatian Pedagogy

The article “The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus as a Resource for Ignatian Pedagogy” by James E. Grummer S.J. delves into the charismatic origins of the Society of Jesus, aligning with the Second Vatican Council’s decree Perfectae Caritatis. It explores how the Society of Jesus, through constant renewal and adaptation, has faced modern challenges by reverting to its Ignatian roots. The article highlights the crucial role of personal experience and mutual learning between teachers and students. It provides valuable insights for the evolution of Ignatian pedagogy within the current and future contexts of Jesuit education.

PAUL OBERHOLZER S.I., Impulsi pedagogici nel generalato di S. Ignazio di Loyola (1541-1556)

The article discusses the significance of pedagogy during the generalate of St. Ignatius of Loyola (1541-1556) and the connection between the Society of Jesus and education. It highlights Ignatius’ promotion of a pedagogical approach in teaching Christian values, emphasizing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Despite not intending to establish a research order, Ignatius recognized the importance of academic education. The presence of Jesuits in prestigious universities as students and teachers is noted, with a focus on educational matters for young university students and their preparation for priesthood. The establishment of the first public colleges transformed the Society of Jesus profoundly, emphasizing teaching grammar, rhetoric, and humanities with a strong emphasis on classical languages. Ignatius’ educational ideals were deeply rooted in pedagogy, guiding individuals towards a personal relationship with Christ and sharing spiritual experiences with others.

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